Hi, Victor here.
I'm an expert in Applied Machine Learning and HCI.

I am currently a Principal Research Software Engineer at the Human-AI eXperiences (HAX) team, Microsoft Research where I focus on Generative AI. My research interests are at the intersection of human-computer interaction (HCI), computational social science, and applied machine learning. My research has been published at conferences such as ACL, EMNLP, AAAI, and CHI and has received multiple best paper awards. My work has also been featured in outlets such as the Wall Street Journal and VentureBeat. I am an IEEE Senior member, a Google Certified Professional ( Data Engineer, Cloud Architect ) and currently a Google Developer Expert in Machine Learning.
I Hold a PhD in Information Systems from City University of Hong Kong (recipient of the HKPFS scholar award by the Hong Kong Research Grants Council). My dissertation studied developer contribution behaviour in software crowdsourcing contests - factors influencing participation, the impact of incentives on participation behaviour and the problem solving process within crowdsourcing contests. Prior to City University, I studied at the Information Networking Institute at Carnegie Mellon University where I earned a Masters degree in Information Networking. I previously worked as a Principal Research Engineer at Cloudera Fast Forward Labs, Research Staff Member at IBM Research, Technical Lead for MIT Global Startup Labs, Researcher at the Innovation Management Lab, Athens Information Technology Athens Greece, and founder/lead developer for a small startup focused on West African markets.
In my free time, I enjoy music (some self taught guitar, piano), sports (participated in the Hong Kong Marathon thrice) and exploring art (some drawing, 3d modelling, african mask art).
All content on this site are my ideas and do not reflect opinions of my employer.




  • Coding activity task (cat) evaluation for source code generators

    Victor Dibia,Adam Fourney,Forough POURSABZI SANGDEH,Saleema Amin Amershi
  • Towards better Human-Agent Alignment: Assessing Task Utility in LLM-Powered Applications

    Negar Arabzadeh,Julia Kiseleva,Qingyun Wu,Chi Wang,Ahmed Awadallah,Victor Dibia,Adam Fourney,Charles Clarke


  • LIDA: A Tool for Automatic Generation of Grammar-Agnostic Visualizations and Infographics using Large Language Models

    Victor Dibia
  • Applied machine learning prototypes for hybrid cloud data platform and approaches to developing, personalizing, and implementing the same

    Sushil Thomas,Jeanne Schaser,Andrew Reed,Melanie Beck,Alex Bleakley,Yuya Yabe,Yi Hsun Tsai,Patrick David Hunt,Subhadeep Sinha,Victor Dibia,Christopher James Wallace,Jeffrey George Fletcher,Ofek Gila
  • Axiomatic Preference Modeling for Longform Question Answering

    Corby Rosset,Guoqing Zheng,Victor Dibia,Ahmed Awadallah,Paul Bennett



  • December 2023

    Ai.dev / Cassandra SummitSan Jose, McEnery Convention Center.

    AutoGen: NextGen AI Applications via Multi Agent Conversations
  • June 2021

    Fast Forward LiveOnline.

    Deep Learning for Automatic Offline Signature Verification
  • November 2019

    QCON SFSan Francisco, USA.

    ML in the Browser: Interactive Experiences with Tensorflow.js
  • November 2019

    Tensorflow World Santa Clara, California USA.

    Handtrack.js: Building gesture-based interactions in the browser using TensorFlow.js


  • May 2023
    New paper accepted at ACL 2023 Conference - LIDA: A Tool for Automatic Generation of Grammar-Agnostic Visualizations and Infographics using Large Language Models
  • May 2023
    New paper accepted at ACL 2023 Conference - Aligning Offline Metrics And Human Judgments Of Value Of AI-Pair Programmers.
  • March 2023
    Released new Kaggle Notebook on Multimodal Recommendation with Tensorflow 2.0
  • March 2022
    My work on Signver (a library for automatic signature verification) is awarded 'Best Computer Vision Application' in the AWS Deep Learning Challenge
  • February 2022
    My Kaggle Notebook 'Signature Image Cleaning with Tensorflow 2.0' is awarded the 'Google OSS Expert Prize'
  • October 2021
    I have joined the Human AI eXperience (HAX) team at Microsoft Research as a Principal Research Software Engineer
  • December 2020
    Finally made out time to update this website with React and Gatsby!
  • September 2020
    NeuralQA has been accepted as a demo paper at EMNLP 2020!

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