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I am currently a Machine Learning Research Engineer at Cloudera Fast Forward Labs. My research interests are at the intersection of human-computer interaction (HCI), computational social science, and applied machine learning. My research has been published at conferences such as EMNLP, AAAI, and CHI and has received multiple best paper awards. My work has also been featured in outlets such as the Wall Street Journal and VentureBeat. I am an IEEE Senior member, a Google Certified Professional ( Data Engineer, Cloud Architect ) and currently a Google Developer Expert in Machine Learning.
I Hold a PhD in Information Systems from City University of Hong Kong (recipient of the HKPFS scholar award by the Hong Kong Research Grants Council) and an MSc in Information Networking from the Information Networking Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. I previously worked as a Research Staff Member at IBM Research, Technical Lead for MIT Global Startup Labs, Researcher at the Innovation Management Lab, Athens Information Technology Athens Greece, and founder/lead developer for a small startup focused on West African markets.
In my free time, I enjoy music (), sports (participate in the Hong Kong Marathon thrice) and exploring art (drawing, african mask art).

Research Questions

My research contributions have sought to address variants of these questions:

Applied ML/Interaction Research

I am well versed in several research methodologies - surveys, interviews, lab observation, prototyping, focus groups, usability studies, cognitive walkthrough, usability benchmarking, think-aloud protocol, field testing, wireframes, card sorting, panel data analysis. More recently, I spend time designing and evaluating applications built using Machine Learning. See a list of my projects built using Machine Learning .


I write code. Comfortable with Machine Learning Frameworks (Tensorflow, Sklearn, Numpy, Pandas), OOP languages - Python,Nodejs, Java, C# and Front End Tools - HTLM5, Javascript, CSS. Experienced in rapid prototyping, and product development on web, mobile (Android, Blackberry, Tizen), wearable devices(Android,Tizen).


A list of talks I have delivered.
  • November 2019

    QCON SFSan Francisco, USA.

    ML in the Browser: Interactive Experiences with Tensorflow.js
  • November 2019

    Tensorflow World Santa Clara, California USA.

    Handtrack.js: Building gesture-based interactions in the browser using TensorFlow.js
  • November 2019

    Google ML SummitPittsburgh PA, Cambridge, USA.

    Art + AI : Generating Novel African Mask Art using Generative Adversarial Networks
  • September 2019

    OReilly Strata Data Conference New York, USA.

    Handtrack.js: Building gesture-based interactions in the browser using TensorFlow
  • May 2019

    !!Con New York, USA.

    Dance of the Ancestors: I used Neural Networks to Re-imagine African Mask Art !!
  • March 2019

    NVIDIA GTC San Jose, California, USA.

    Data2Vis: Automatic Generation of Data Visualizations Using Sequence-to-Sequence Recurrent Neural Networks.

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