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  • Coding activity task (cat) evaluation for source code generators

    Victor Dibia,Adam Fourney,Forough POURSABZI SANGDEH,Saleema Amin Amershi
  • Towards better Human-Agent Alignment: Assessing Task Utility in LLM-Powered Applications

    Negar Arabzadeh,Julia Kiseleva,Qingyun Wu,Chi Wang,Ahmed Awadallah,Victor Dibia,Adam Fourney,Charles Clarke


  • LIDA: A Tool for Automatic Generation of Grammar-Agnostic Visualizations and Infographics using Large Language Models

    Victor Dibia
  • Applied machine learning prototypes for hybrid cloud data platform and approaches to developing, personalizing, and implementing the same

    Sushil Thomas,Jeanne Schaser,Andrew Reed,Melanie Beck,Alex Bleakley,Yuya Yabe,Yi Hsun Tsai,Patrick David Hunt,Subhadeep Sinha,Victor Dibia,Christopher James Wallace,Jeffrey George Fletcher,Ofek Gila
  • Axiomatic Preference Modeling for Longform Question Answering

    Corby Rosset,Guoqing Zheng,Victor Dibia,Ahmed Awadallah,Paul Bennett
  • Axiomatic Preference Modeling for Longform Question Answering

    Corby Rosset,Guoqing Zheng,Victor Dibia,Ahmed Awadallah,Paul Bennett




  • Detecting Human Input Activity In a Cognitive Environment Using Wearable Inertia and Audio Sensors

    Victor Dibia
  • Automated Summarization Based on Physiological Data

    Victor Dibia,Rachel K.E. Bellamy
  • An embodied cognitive assistant for visualizing and analyzing exoplanet data best demo paper Award @ AAAI 18

    Jeffrey O. Kephart,Victor Dibia,Jason Ellis,Biplav Srivastava,Kartik Talamadupula,Mishal Dholakia
  • Data2Vis: Automatic Generation of Data Visualizations Using Sequence-to-Sequence Recurrent Neural Networks best paper Award @ IEEE CGA, Honorable Mention IEEEVis VDS

    Victor Dibia,Cagatay Demiralp



  • Handtrack: A library for prototyping real-time hand tracking interfaces using convolutional neural networks

    Victor Dibia
  • Tjbot: An Open Source DIY Cardboard Robot for Programming Cognitive Systems

    Victor Dibia,Maryam Ashoori,Aaron Cox,Justin Weisz


  • Exploring the potential of wearables to support employment for people with mild cognitive impairment

    Victor Dibia,Shari Trewin,Maryam Ashoori,Thomas Erickson
  • Foqus: A smartwatch application for individuals with adhd and mental health challenges challenge winner Award @ Samsung Gear Apps Challenge

    Victor Dibia


  • How does information technology capability enable digital transformation? Considering the mediating roles of agility

    Victor Dibia,Lele Kang,Ghazwan Hassna,Shaobo Wei,Paul Benjamin Lowry
  • Success within App Distribution Platforms: The Contribution of App Diversity and App Cohesivity

    Victor Dibia,Christian Wagner
  • Understanding the disclosure of private healthcare information within online quantified self 2.0 platforms

    Jun Zhang,Victor Dibia,Alexey Sodnomov,Paul Benjamin Lowry



  • Exploring The Effectiveness Of Online Role-Play Gaming In The Acquisition Of Complex And Tacit Knowledge

    Christian Wagner,Victor Dibia

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