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  • Detecting Human Input Activity In a Cognitive Environment Using Wearable Inertia and Audio Sensors

    Victor Dibia
  • Automated Summarization Based on Physiological Data

    Victor Dibia,Rachel K.E. Bellamy
  • An embodied cognitive assistant for visualizing and analyzing exoplanet data best demo paper Award @ AAAI 18

    Jeffrey O. Kephart,Victor Dibia,Jason Ellis,Biplav Srivastava,Kartik Talamadupula,Mishal Dholakia
  • Data2Vis: Automatic Generation of Data Visualizations Using Sequence-to-Sequence Recurrent Neural Networks best paper Award @ IEEE CGA, Honorable Mention IEEEVis VDS

    Victor Dibia,Cagatay Demiralp



  • Handtrack: A library for prototyping real-time hand tracking interfaces using convolutional neural networks

    Victor Dibia
  • Tjbot: An Open Source DIY Cardboard Robot for Programming Cognitive Systems

    Victor Dibia,Maryam Ashoori,Aaron Cox,Justin Weisz


  • Exploring the potential of wearables to support employment for people with mild cognitive impairment

    Victor Dibia,Shari Trewin,Maryam Ashoori,Thomas Erickson
  • Foqus: A smartwatch application for individuals with adhd and mental health challenges challenge winner Award @ Samsung Gear Apps Challenge

    Victor Dibia


  • How does information technology capability enable digital transformation? Considering the mediating roles of agility

    Victor Dibia,Lele Kang,Ghazwan Hassna,Shaobo Wei,Paul Benjamin Lowry
  • Success within App Distribution Platforms: The Contribution of App Diversity and App Cohesivity

    Victor Dibia,Christian Wagner
  • Understanding the disclosure of private healthcare information within online quantified self 2.0 platforms

    Jun Zhang,Victor Dibia,Alexey Sodnomov,Paul Benjamin Lowry



  • Exploring The Effectiveness Of Online Role-Play Gaming In The Acquisition Of Complex And Tacit Knowledge

    Christian Wagner,Victor Dibia

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